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A Quick Biography

1955 : Birth in Senegal

1975 : Science baccalauréat with honours

1980 : Graduation from l’Ecole des Hautes Etudes Commerciales  (HEC –Paris)

1986 : General Secretary at the Industries Chimiques du Sénégal

1990 : Deputy Managing Director at the Industries Chimiques du Sénégal

1994 : Managing Director at the Société Financière d’Equipement

1999 : Head of Credit and Operations at the Bank of Africa-Niger

2002 : Deputy Managing Director at the Bank of Africa-Niger

2003 : Managing Director  at the Bank of Africa-Niger

2009 : Managing Director at the Bank of Africa-Mali

2011 : Managing Director at Orabank Guinea

2013 : Founder of Sene Business Information – Africa


AfriMoneyFinance :

Good morning Mr. SENE; after many years as a leading player of the West-African banking sector, you have just created a company, in a completely different sector, an information company, SENE BUSINESS INFORMATION; could you please explain?

Mamadou SENE :

The gap that seems to emerge between the two activities is only a guise; SBI does belong to the information sector, however it is about economic and financial information. Who can address economic and financial information better than a banker? In a nutshell, I used to be player, now I

observe, analyze and inform; I remain at stake.

AfriMoneyFinance :

Could you tell us more about SBI ?

Mamadou SENE :

The creation of SBI arose from a simple observation: in Africa, the private sector is growing, innovating and reaching the level of private sectors of the emerging countries of Asia or South America ; Meanwhile, from my point of view, the economic and financial information industry, especially in francophone Africa, has neither the same dynamism, nor the same capacity for innovation; and we all know that the quality, reliability and speed of information are key factors in the success of businesses and nations. This is the reason why I have decided to create SBI in order to help fill this gap.

AfriMoneyFinance :

What do you think about the current African banking sector?

Mamadou SENE :

Overall, the banking sector is good ; considerable efforts have been undertaken almost everywhere the past two decades to equip the African countries with a banking sector closer to international standards ; the time of poorly managed state banks is over. Nowadays, in almost every country, banks belong to international European or African groups that often better apply prudential rules applied in the strongest economies.

AfriMoneyFinance :

How do you imagine the evolution of the African banking sector?

Mamadou SENE :

In my opinion the face of the African banking sector is beginning to take shape.

First of all, it will mainly be a private sector, which it already is ; the state is not destined to intervene in competitive sector, which banking is par excellence.

Secondly, it will be built around a few large groups, whose bases are in Africa, probably in South Africa, Nigeria, Morocco; only larger groups will be able to meet the capital requirements which will be increasingly strong in he banking industry. There will surely be a few local giants, but the Pan-
African banks will be from three, four or five countries at most. The European groups still present in Africa will remain on a few strongholds, but they will not have a vocation for covering the continent.

Third, the sector will still continue to grow, by extending networks and diversifying the offer; it will continue to both absorb a lot of well-trained workforce and a lot of information technology and high quality telecommunications.

Published at 12/06/2015


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