• Country : Morocco
  • Name of the Company : ATTIJARIWAFABANK
  • Headquarters : 2, Boulevard Moulay Youssef, 20 000 Casablanca
  • Phone number : +212 - 522 29 88 88
  • Fax : +212 - 522 29 41 25
  • Email : s.benmehrez@attijariwafa.com
  • Website : http://www.attijariwafabank.com
  • Share Capital :
Main Shareholders 0
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Management Team 8
Lastname Biography
Mr. Mohamed EL KETTANI , Chairman &Managing Director
Mr. Omar BOUNJOU , Deputy Managing Director - Retail Banking, Morrocco and Europe
Mr. Ismaïl DOUIRI , Deputy Managing Director - International Retail Banking and Specialised Financing Subsidiaries
Mr. Talal BELLAJ , Deputy Managing Director – Group Global Risk Management
Mr. Hassan BEDRAOUI , Deputy Managing Director – Transformation, Innovation, Technology and Operations
Mr. Youssef ROUISSI , Deputy Managing Director – Corporate Banking, Markets & Investor Solutions
Mr. Mohamed SOUSSI , Executive Director – Group Human Capital
Mr. Rachid KETTANI , Executive Director – Group Finance
Board of directors 9
Lastname Biography
Mr. Mohamed EL KETTANI , Chairman & Managing Director
Mr. Mounir EL MAJIDI , Representing SIGER
Mr. Hassan OURIAGLI , Representing AL MADA
Mr. José REIG
Mr. Aldo OLCESE SANTONJA , Independent Director
Mr. Manuel VARELA , Representing Grupo Santander
Mr. Abdelmjid TAZLAOUI
Mr. Lionel ZINSOU , Independent Director


Attijariwafabank was founded in 2003 from the merger between the Banque Commerciale du Maroc founded in 1911 and Wafabank founded in 1904 (which was first named Compagnie Algérienne de Crédit et de Banque, then Compagnie Marocaine de Crédit et de Banque).

After an aggressive business policy in Morocco centered on affiliations/subsidiaries Attijariwafa bank started an international development policy rolled out/spread out as follows:

•          2005: Attijariwafa bank, in consortium with Grupo Santander, acquired 53.54% of the capital of the Bank of the South (now Attijari Bank Tunisia);

•          2006: Attijariwafa bank established Attijariwafa Bank Senegal, then acquired the Senegalese-Tunisian Bank, and finally merged Attijariwafa bank Senegal and the Senegalese-Tunisian Bank a year later, leading to the creation of Attijari Bank Senegal;

•          2008: Attijariwafa Bank acquired 79.15% of the capital of the first bank in Senegal: the Bank of West Africa. It then merged with Attijari Bank Senegal;

•          2009 Attijariwafa bank purchased the shares owned by Crédit Agricole France in various banks in Africa: Crédit du Congo (81% of the capital), Société Ivoirienne de Banque (51% of the capital), Société Camerounaise de Banque (65% of the capital), Union Gabonnaise de Banque (59% of the capital) and Crédit du Sénégal (95% of the capital);

•          2011: Attijariwafa Bank was implanted in Mauritania; Attijariwafa Bank Mauritania was launched;

•          2013: Attijariwafa took over the International Bank for Africa in Togo;

•          2013: Attijariwafa Bank was founded in Niger and Burkina Faso through the Bank of West Africa giving birth to CBAO-Attijari Niger and CBAO-Attijari  Burkina Faso;

•          2014: Attijariwafa bank was established in Benin through the Bank of West Africa; the CBAO-Attijari Benin is launched.


The Attijariwafa Bank Group, one of the very first banking and financial groups in Africa operates in 24 countries worldwide, including 15 African countries. It has 13 banks in Africa and several specialized subsidiaries in Morocco: insurance, consumer credit, leasing, factoring, securities brokerage, financial advisory and asset management.


• Commercial Banking • Corporate Banking • Insurance • Consumer Credit • Leasing • Factoring • Stockbrokerage • Financial Advisory • Asset Management
Financial Highlights of the last three years
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