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  • Headquarters : bex House 61 Baker Street Weybridge KT13 8AH United Kingdom, UNITED KINGDOM
  • Phone number : +44 - 1932 853393‬
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  • Email : info@mgiworld.com
  • Website : http://www.mgiworld.com
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Management Team 7
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Mr. Clive Viegas BENNETT , Chief Executive Officer
Mrs. Maxine BROCK , International Marketing Director
Mr. Jonathan FARROW , Company Secretary
Mrs. Emma ROWLEY , Marketing Coordinator
Mr. Arthur BAGULEY , International Committee Member, Representing Africa
Mr. Faiyaaz RAJKOTWALA , International Committee Member, Representing Middle East & North
Mrs. Audrey DANASAMY , Regional Director Asia, Middle East & Africa
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1947 : Founding member british firm Mdgley Snelling sets up first international partnership with a Ghanaian practice where the venture proved to be very sucessful and because of client expansions, it was shortly followed by the opening of an office in Lagos, Nigeria. So, Africa is the cradle of MGI Worldwide.

1950 : London becomes training hub for west africa accountants.

1979 : By 1979, the international association has grown to 120 locations spanning 51 countries worldwide.

International association formally incorporated under name of Mdsnell.

1983 : Midsnell changes its name to Midsnell International.

1996 : Midsnell International becomes Midsnell Group International.

2000 : Midsnell Group International modernises name to MGI.

2001 : by the beginning of the millennium the association has grown to 200 locations in 65 countries.

2003 : firms begin to adopt the MGI prefix as part of their names.

2015 : MGI Worldwide formalises as a quality reviewed network.

2016 : MGI Worldwide continues to grow with 260 locations established across 80 countries.

2017 : MGI Worldwide is ranked as the 18th largest network in the world, is present in more than 80 countries and has more than 5000 professionals.


• Audit & assurance • Tax • Accounting • Consulting & advisory
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