• Country : Tunisia
  • Name of the Company : ALIOS FINANCE S.A.
  • Headquarters : Operational Headquarters: Centre Urbain Nord, Immeuble Mirmar - Business City, Bloc A, 2ème étage, App A2-1 1082 Tunis Mahrajène, TUNISIA
  • Phone number : +216 - 70 24 44 90
  • Fax : +216 - 71 94 88 02
  • Email : giefca@alios-finance.com
  • Website : http://www.alios-finance.com
  • Share Capital :
Main Shareholders 0
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Management Team 9
Lastname Biography
Mr. Hichem ZGHAL , Group Managing Director
Mr. Mahdi BEN HAMDEN , Chief Operating Officier and Head of Francophone Zone
Mr. Hassène ZAÂZAÂ , Group Financial Manager
Mr. Amadou Bara Sidy DIOP , Group Internal Auditor
Mrs. Mai Hervé DU PENHOAT , Group Human Resource Manager
Mr. Lee GACHANJA , Financial Manager Anglophone Zone
Mr. Skander ZOUCH , Group Recovery Manager
Mr. Thierry PAPILLION , Group Head of Credit Risk
Mr. Hafedh Ben NASR , Group IT Manager
Board of directors 8
Lastname Biography
Mr. Ahmed ABDELKEFI , Chairman
Mr. Ahmed El KARM , representing TLG Finance
Mr. Alain PECHEUR , representing COTAFI - Groupe CFAO
Mrs. Salma BABBO , representing Tunisie Leasing
Mr. Gonzague MONREAL , representing Proparco
Mr. Olivier MARZLOFF , representing DOMAFI - Groupe CFAO
Mr. Mostafa CHENBOUT , representing CFPF - Groupe OPTORG
Mr. Sébastien DUQUET , representing Responsability Global Microfinance Fund


• 1956: Establishment of SAFCA (Société Africaine de Crédit Automobile) in Senegal by RENAULT, UNILEVER, NIGER FRANCE, OPTORG, CFAO and SCOA.

• 1958: Relocation of SAFCA from Senegal to Abidjan in Ivory Coast.

• 1959 : Establishment of SOCCA in Cameroon (Société Camerounaise de Crédit Automobile).

• 1966 : Establishment of SOGACA in Gabon (Société Gabonaise de Crédit Automobile).

• 1976 : GIEFCA (Groupement d’Intérêt Economique pour Favoriser le développement du Crédit Automobile et Industriel en Afrique) was registered in Paris by SAFCA, SOCCA and SOGACA,. Renault Crédit International (RCI) became responsible at that time for the management of GIEFCA on behalf of the other shareholders.

• 1990: RCI (Renault Credit International) withdrew from Africa and consequently, from the management of GIEFCA. CFAO assumed responsibility for the position of Chairman of the Board of Directors of GIEFCA.

• 1997 : Establishment of SOMAFI in Mali (Société Malienne de Financement), and SOBFI in Burkina Faso (Société Burkinabe de Financement).

• 1998: Establishment of HOLDEFI as a holding company to hold the interests of CFAO and OPTORG in the member companies of GIEFCA. PROPARCO and GRAS SAVOYE became shareholders of HOLDEFI.

• 1999: FMO and Africa Financial Holdings (the Holding Company of Bank of Africa) became shareholders.

• 2001: Opening of SOCOFIN in Congo Brazzaville (Société Congolaise de Financement).

• 2006: The majority of shares in HOLDEFI were acquired by an investment consortium consisting of AFRICINVEST, FMO, FINNFUND, TUNISIA LEASING and AFRICA FINANCIAL HOLDINGS. CFAO, OPTORG and GRAS SAVOYE remained shareholders. GIEFCA Tunisia was also created with a team of 6 employees. SAFCA in Senegal was also opened in the same year.

• 2007: The name of HOLDEFI was changed to Alios Finance. SAFCA, SOCCA, SOGACA, SOBFI, SOMAFI and SOCOFIN changed their commercial names to ALIOS Finance Ivory Coast, Cameroon, Gabon, Burkina Faso, Mali and Congo respectively. The merger of ALIOS Finance Ivory Coast with Alios Finance Mali and Burkina Faso was finalised by the Central Bank.

• 2008: Sale of Alios Finance Congo Brazzaville and launch of ALIOS Finance Zambia.

• 2009: Alios Management Kenya is launched, the second operational Head Office of the Group, with the aim to be closer to the operating subsidiaries in English speaking countries.

• 2010: Launch of Alios Finance Tanzania.

• 2011: Launch of Alios Finance Kenya.

• 2012: Alios Finance Zambia opens a second office in the Copperbelt.


• Leasing • Investment Loan • Consumer Credit • Long-Term Car Rental


Financial Highlights of the last three years
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