• Country : France
  • Headquarters : 59 B Avenue Foch, 94100 Saint Maur des Fossés, FRANCE
  • Phone number : +33 - 1 48 86 62 66
  • Fax : +33 - 1 48 86 62 55
  • Email : sunu-assurances@sunu-group.com
  • Website : http://www.sunu-group.com
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Management Team 4
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Mr. Pathé DIONE , Chairman and Managing Director
Mr. Mohamed BAH , Deputy Managing Director in charge of International Development, Commercial Strategy and Communication
Mr. Joel AMOUSSOU , Deputy Managing Director in charge of Accountancy, Finance, Administration and Legal Affairs
Mr. Karim-Franck DIONE , Head of Management Control, Finance
Board of directors 4


• 1998 : SUNU Finance Holding was created by Mr. Pathé DIONE and partners.

• 1999 :

SUNU Finance bought five subsidiaries of AXA-UAP group namely:

   CSAR-Vie (ex - UASen Vie) in Senegal, now SUNU Assurance - Vie Senegal,

   UAT-Vie in Togo, now SUNU Assurance - Vie Togo,

   UBA -Vie in Benin, now SUNU Assurance - Vie Benin,

   UAC-IARD in Central African Republic, now SUNU Assurance – IARD,

   UGAN-IARD in Niger, now SUNU Assurance – IARD Niger.

• 2000 : SUNU Assurance - Vie Niger (ex - UGAN Vie) was created in partnership with local banks.

• 2001 :

   SUNU Finance created SUNU ASSURANCE Holding S.A.

   Acquisition of two subsidiaries of Mutuelles du Mans in Côte d’Ivoire : Le Millennium Assurance Internationales -IARD (LMAI-IARD) which became SUNU Assurances IARD; The Millennium Assurance Internationales- Vie (LMAI-Vie), which became SUNU Assurances-Vie Côte d’ivoire.

• 2002 : Takeover of Alliance Africaine d’Assurances Vie (3A-Vie), an Ivorian insurance company.

• 2004 :

   Acquisition of three Life-subsidiaries of AXA in Côte d’Ivoire, Cameroon and Gabon: Union des Assurances Vie de Côte d’Ivoire (UA-Vie) , Union des Assurances du Cameroun Vie (UAcam-Vie), Union des Assurances du Gabon Vie (UAG-Vie).

These corporations are now named SUNU Assurances Vie Côte d’Ivoire, SUNU Assurances Vie Cameroun et SUNU Assurances Vie Gabon.

   The SUNU group acquired in Togo UAT-IARD, which is now named: SUNU Assurances IARD Togo.

. SUNU The group takes a 40% stake in the capital of AVIE in Benin.

• 2005 : Acquisition of a 45% stake in the capital of Burkina Faso RAYNAL S.A.

• 2010 :

   The two holding companies SUNU ASSURANCES and SUNU FINANCE bear now the following names: SUNU ASSURANCES Holding S.A. and SUNU FINANCES Holding S.A.S.

   Creation of Union des Assurances – IARD du Mali (UA-IARD Mali). It obtained its license in 2012.

• 2011 :

   Creation of the Union des Assurances IARD de Guinée (UA-IARD Guinée), now named SUNU Assurances IARD - Guinée. It : obtained its license in 2012.

   Founding of a Life insurance company in Burkina Faso named " Union des Assurances Vie du Burkina Faso ". It obtained its license in 2013 and started its operations in 2014.

• 2012 : Creation by SUNU Assurances Holding SA of a company named SUNU Assurances Abidjan whose role is to group the Group's Central Divisions. It changed its name in 2013 to SUNU Services.

• 2013 : Takeover of Senegal Compagnie Générale d’Assurances (CGA), a non-life insurance company, by SUNU Assurances Holding SA.

• 2014 : SUNU Assurances Holding SA. changed its name and became SUNU Participations Holding SA.

• 2015: The 16 subsidiaries of the Group changed their names to SUNU Assurance.


Financial Highlights of the last three years
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