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  • Headquarters : 25 avenue Matignon 75008 Paris France
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  • Website : http://www.axa.com
  • Share Capital : 5 597 107 264,76 euros (au 3 août 2015)
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Management Team 5
Lastname Biography
Mr. Henri DE CASTRIES , Chairman & Chief Executive Officer
Mr. Denis DUVERNE , Deputy Chief Executive Officer in charge of Finance, Strategy and Operations
Mr. Monsieur Jean-Laurent GRANIER , Chief Executive Officer of the Mediterranean and Latin America Region business unit
Mr. Michel HASCOËT , Chairman & CEO Axa Assurance Morocco, Responsible for Sub-Saharan Africa
Mr. Abdelhak EL MANSOUR , Director of Operations of AXA Assurances for Sub-Saharan Africa
Board of directors 14
Lastname Biography
Mr. Henri DE CASTRIES , Chairman & Chief Executive Officer
Mr. Norbert DENTRESSANGLE , Vice-Chairman, Lead Independent Director
Mr. Denis DUVERNE , Executive Director, Deputy Chief Executive Officer in charge of Finance, Strategy and Operations
Mr. Jean-Pierre CLAMADIEU , Independent Director
Mr. Jean-Martin FOLZ , Independent Director
Mr. Paul HERMELIN , Independent Director
Mrs. Isabelle KOCHER , Independent Director
Mrs. Suet Fern LEE , Independent Director
Mr. Stefan LIPPE , Independent Director
Mr. François MARTINEAU , Chairman of the AXA Mutuals' Strategy Coordination Committee
Mr. Ramon DE OLIVEIRA , Independent Director
Mrs. Deanna OPPENHEIMER , Independent Director
Mrs. Doina PALICI-CHEHAB , Director, employee shareholders' representative
Mrs. Dominique REINICHE , Independent Director


1817: The origins of AXA Group.

The AXA is a Groupe whose origins date back very far. It was created through the merger of several insurance companies, the oldest of which - La Compagnie d'Assurance Mutuelle contre l'Incendie dans les départements de la Seine Inférieure et de l'Eure - was founded in Rouen 10 months after the establishment of the Mutuelle ACL, which is France's oldest insurance company.


1946: Birth of the Ancienne Mutuelle Group.

Three previously independent business lines - Fire, Life and Accident - merged in a new structure, the Ancienne Mutuelle Group, out of which the future AXA Group later emerged.


1955: The roots of international growth.

Ancienne Mutuelle turned toward the international market with the acquisition of Provinces-Unies, a company based in Quebec.


1975: An ambitious Group.

Claude Bébéar, the man who, with his team, made of AXA an undisputed leader, became CEO of the 24th ranked Ancienne Mutuelle group.


1978: Birth of Mutuelles Unies.

The Group acquired a controlling interest in La Compagnie parisienne de garantie, which was renamed Mutuelle Parisienne de Garantie. The Ancienne Mutuelle Group had become Mutuelles Unies.


1982: Acquisition of Drouot Group.

Mutuelles Unies bought out the Drouot Group. Claude Bébéar became chairman and CEO of the newly formed Mutuelles Unies / Drouot Group, France's leading private insurer.


1985: A new corporate name and a fresh start.

The new group decided to adopt an international name. Mutuelles Unies / Drouot Group become AXA.


1986: Takeover of Secours and La Providence.

At the end of a stock market battle that had France's financial press holding its breath, AXA gained control of Secours and La Providence.


1988: Merger of AXA with the insurance businesses of Compagnie du Midi.

AXA and Compagnie du Midi, the holding company for Assurances du Groupe de Paris (AGP), merged their insurance businesses. Uni Europe, an insurance brokerage, was created.


1989: Takeover ot Compagnie du Midi.
AXA took control of the prestigious Compagnie du Midi, making the Group France's number 2 insurer, just behind UAP.


1991: Going after America.

AXA bought acquired equity interest in The Equitable Life Assurance Company, one of the top life insurers in the United States.


1994: The Group steps up its international development.
AXA acquired Boréal Assurances in Canada and Victoire Belgium in Belgium. AXA Asset Management Europe, the Group's asset management specialist in Europe, was founded.


1995: AXA in Asia.
AXA acquired a stake in National Mutual Life Insurance Company, Australia's second largest life insurer. In addition to Australia, AXA began doing business in New Zealand and Hong Kong and also started operating as AXA Life in Japan.


1996: AXA goes to Wall Street.
The AXA share was admitted for trading on the New York Stock Exchange. 


1996: AXA and UAP unite in a merger-acquisition.

On November 12, AXA bought UAP. The two companies signed their takeover agreement, which gave rise to the biggest corporation in France based on revenues and the world's largest insurer.


1996: AXA in Morocco.

AXA began operations in Morocco with the acquisition of Assurance Al Amane. In 2000, AXA Assurance Maroc was born.


1997: Birth of AXA Equitable.
The Equitable Life Assurance Company became wholly owned by the AXA Group, and changed its name to AXA Equitable.


1999: The Group affirms its global reach.
National Mutual Life Insurance Company was taken over by the Group, becoming AXA Asia Pacific. The Group bought the UK-based Guardian Royal Exchange, entered the Chinese market (with AXA Minmetals), and also launched operations in Turkey (AXA Oyak), Lebanon (AXA Middle East) and Japan (with Nippon Dantai, which became AXA Nishida).


1999: AXA in Sub-Saharan Africa.

AXA kept in the Group the ex-subsidiaries of the UAP in Cameroon, in Côte d’Ivoire, in Gabon and in Senegal. It disengaged from the Guinean non-life subsidiary and sold to the SUNU Group non-life subsidiaries of the Central African Republic and Niger and life subsidiaries of Benin, Senegal and Togo.


2000: Buyout in the United Kingdom.
The Group bought out the remaining minority interests in Sun Life & Provincial Holdings in the United Kingdom.


2003: The Group makes strides in the United States and in Asia.
AXA announced the acquisition of the US life insurer MONY (Mutual of New York). The Group gained ground in Asia, the Philippines and Thailand, in Indonesia and in China.


2006: Acquisition of Winterthur Assurances, A Swiss company.
The acquisition of Winterthur Assurances marked a new step in European development, and in the dynamic markets of Central and Eastern Europe as well as in Asia.


2007: Setting out for emerging markets.

AXA entered the South Korean and Ukrainian markets. In South Korea, the acquisition of Kyobo Auto allowed the Group to become the top direct seller of motor insurance. In the Ukraine, AXA gained control of the 6th largest property-casualty insurer.


2008: AXA in Latin America.

AXA bought the third largest insurance company in Mexico, ING Seguros.


2008: AXA in Tukey and Russia.

The Group bought OYAK's 50% equity stake in AXA OYAK, Turkey's top property-casualty insurer. AXA also acquired an interest in RESO, Russia's number two property-casualty insurer.


2009: AXA in Eastern Europa.
The Group announced the acquisition of the Rumanian Omniasig Life AXA, reinforcing its position in Hungary, Poland and the Czech Republic via the buyout of minority interests held by EBRD.


2010: AXA delists from NYSE.
 AXA decided to delist from the New York Stock Exchange, since 95% of all transactions involving its stock occur on the Euronext Paris exchange.


2010: A new dimension in China.
ICBC (Industrial and Commercial Bank of China Co. Ltd) entered the joint venture AXA-Minmetals Assurance (AXA MM). The new company  adopted the name ICBC-AXA Life Insurance Co.


2012: New edge in chinese life insurance market.
Official launch in China of ICBC-AXA Life, the life insurance joint-venture formed with the world's largest bank, ICBC (Industrial and Commercial Bank of China Co. Ltd) and its long-standing partner, Minmetals.


2012: AXA partners with HSBC.
AXA acquires the HSBC's P&C businesses in Hong Kong, Singapore and Mexico. AXA becomes the leading P&C insurer in Hong Kong.


2013: AXA in Latin America.
AXA acquires 51% of the insurance operations of Colpatria Seguros in Colombia, becoming the country's fourth largest insurer and number two player in the P&C market.


2013: AXA buys a stake in Tian Ping in China.
AXA acquires 50% of Tian Ping, a Chinese P&C insurer with strong direct distribution capabilities, becoming the largest international insurer operating in China.


2014: AXA, the #1 Global Insurance Brand.
For the sixth year in a row, AXA has maintained its position as a leading global insurance brand as ranked by Interbrand. All industries combined, AXA is ranked 53rd of the top global brands.


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