• Country : Germany
  • Name of the Company : Allianz SE
  • Headquarters : Koeniginstrasse 28 ; 80802 Munich, Germany
  • Phone number : +49 – 89 3800 7555
  • Fax : +49 – 89 3800 3899
  • Email :
  • Website : http://www.allianz.com
  • Share Capital :
Main Shareholders 0
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Management Team 10
Lastname Biography
Mr. Oliver BÄTE , Chairman of the Board of Management
Mr. Sergio BALBINOT , Insurance Western & Southern Europe
Mr. Manuel BAUER , Insurance Growth Markets
Mrs. (Dr.) Helga JUNG , Insurance Iberia & Latin America, Legal & Compliance, Merger & Acquisitions
Mr. (Dr.) Christof MASCHER , Operations
Mr. Jay RALPH , Asset Management U.S. Life Insurance
Mr. (Dr.) Axel THEIS , Global Insurance Lines & Anglo Markets
Mr. (Dr.) Dieter WEMMER , Chief Finance Officer
Mr. (Dr.) Werner ZEDELIUS , Insurance German Speaking Countries, Banking, Human Resources
Mr. (Dr.) Maximilian ZIMMERER , Investments, Global Life/Health
Board of directors 12
Lastname Biography
Mr. (Dr.) Helmut PERLET , Chairman
Mr. (Dr.) Wulf H. BERNOTAT , Vice Chairman
Mr. Rolf ZIMMERMANN , Vice Chairman
Mr. Dante BARBAN , Employee of Allianz S.p.A.
Mrs. Christine BOSSE
Mrs. Gabriele BURKHARDT-BERG , Chairwoman of the Group Works Council of Allianz SE
Mr. Jean-Jacques CETTE , Chairman of the Group Works Council of Allianz France S.A.
Mr. Franz HEISS , Employee of Allianz Beratungs- und Vertriebs-AG
Mr. (Prof. Dr.) Renate KÖCHER
Mr. Jim Hagemann SNABE
Mr. Peter Denis SUTHERLAND


• 1890: Allianz is founded in Munich and based in Berlin. The company starts out as a transport and accident insurer.

• 1893: Allianz opens its London office

• 1922: Allianz creates Allianz Life

• May 8th 1945: at the end of World War II, Allianz is in effect technically bankrupt

• May 22nd 1945: Allianz receives a provisional permission to resume work. The rebuilding process commences.

• 1954: The Board relocates the company’s headquarters from Berlin to Munich.

• 1959: Allianz opens an office in Paris (France)

• 1973: Allianz become Europe’s largest insurer

• 1974: Allianz creates the Allianz International Insurance Company Limited, London.

• 1985: the holding company Allianz AG is created to ensure Allianz’s ability to act internationally

• 1991: Allianz acquires US insurance group Fireman’s Fund Insurance Company, Novato, California

• 1997: Allianz takes over the French insurance group Assurances Générales de France, Paris; this is the largest acquisition in in the history of Allianz so far.

• 1999: Allianz creates Allianz Asset Management

• 2000 Assurances Générales du Mali (AGM) is created. It becomes AGF Mali in 2004; it adopts in 2009 the Allianz brand

• 2003: Allianz sells microinsurance products in India

• 2004: AGF Cameroun and AGF Cameroun Assurances-Vie are created. They adopt in 2009 the Allianz brand. The distant predecessor of AGF settled in the country in 1924;

• 2004: SNAS and SNAS Vie become AGF Senegal and AGF Senegal Assurance Vie. In 2009, AGF Senegal Group adopts the Allianz brand. Allianz distant predecessor in Senegal is Préservatrice founded in 1938;

• 2004: created in 1976, SAFARRIV becomes AGF Côte d’Ivoire, which adopts the Allianz brand in 2009;

• 2004: AGF Centrafrique Assurances is created; it adopts the Allianz brand in 2009. The distant predecessor of AGF Centrafrique Assurances moved in 1952 in The Central African Republic as a delegation of Préservatrice;

• 2004: AGT Togo, founded in 2001, became AGT Togo. It adopts the Allianz brand in 2009

• 2004: founded in 2004, AGF Burkina becomes Allianz Burkina in 2009. Its distant predecessor, La Foncière, was created in 1962,

• 2005: AGF Bénin Assurances takes over SOBAC. It adopts the Allianz brand in 2009

• 2006: AGF Madagascar Assurances is created; it adopts in 2009 the Allianz brand

• 2009 : Allianz Insurance Company Ghana Limited started operation in Ghana in December 2009

• 2011 : Allianz Congo Assurances begins its operations in November


• Private Insurance • Business Insurance • Asset management • Assistance services • Microinsurance
Financial Highlights of the last three years
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