• Country : France
  • Name of the Company : SOCIETE GENERALE
  • Headquarters : 29 Boulevard Haussmann 75009 Paris, FRANCE
  • Phone number : +33 - 1 42 14 20 00
  • Fax : +33 -
  • Email :
  • Website : http://www.societegenerale.com
  • Share Capital :
Management Team 13
Lastname Biography
Mr. Frédéric OUDÉA , Chief Executive Officer
Mr. Séverin CABANNES , Deputy Chief Executive Officer
Mr. Bernardo Sanchez INCERA , Deputy Chief Executive Officer
Mr. Laurent GOUTARD , Head of Societe Generale Retail Banking in France
Mrs. Caroline GUILLAUMIN , Head of Group Communication
Mr. Didier HAUGUEL , Co-Head of International Banking and Financial Services
Mr. Philippe HEIM , Group Chief Financial Officer
Mr. Edouard-Malo HENRY , Group Head of Human Resources
Mrs. Françoise MERCADAL-DELASALLES , Group Head of Corporate Resources and Innovation
Mr. Benoît OTTENWAELTER , Group Chief Risk Officer
Mr. Jean-Luc PARER , Co-Head of International Banking and Financial Services
Mr. Gilles BRIATTA , General Secretary and Group Chief Compliance Officer
Mr. Didier VALET , Head of Corporate & Investment Banking, Private Banking, Asset Management, Securities Services
Board of directors 14
Lastname Biography
Mr. Lorenzo Bini SMAGHI , Chairman
Mr. Frédéric OUEDA , Chief Executive Officer
Mr. Robert CASTAIGNE , Indépendent Director
Mr. Michel CICUREL , Indépendent Director
Mrs. Barbara DALIBARD , Indépendent Director
Mr. Yann DELABRIERE , Indépendent Director
Mrs. Kyra HAZOU
Mrs. France HOUSSAYE , Director elected by employees
Mrs. Béatrice LEPAGNOL , Director elected by employees
Mr. Jean-Bernard LEVY , Indépendent Director
Mrs. Ana Maria Llopis RIVAS , Indépendent Director
Mr. Gérard MESTRALLET , Indépendent Director
Mrs. Nathalie RACHOU , Indépendent Director
Mrs. Alexandra SCHAAPVELD


Société Générale, one of the oldest and largest French banks, was founded on May 4th, 1864. Nationalised in 1945 right after World War II, it was again privatized in 1987.

The establishment of Société Générale Group in Africa is very old:

• In 1913, the very first Société Générale agency was founded in Morocco,

• On April 24th, 1941, Société Générale was established in Dakar. In 1962, in the wake of the independence of Senegal, Société Générale de Banques was established,

• On July 1st, 1941, Société Générale was opened in Côte d’Ivoire. Société Générale de Banques in Côte d'Ivoire was established on November 23rd, 1962,

• In 1947, Société Générale took over in Cameroon the African Commercial Bank which operates under the name Société Générale since 1963,

• In 1985, taking advantage of the conversion of the country to the market economy, the Société Générale Group moved to Guinea and founded the Société Générale de Banques in Guinea,

• In 1998, the Société Générale Group settled in Burkina Faso by acquiring a state bank, and founded Socieéé Générale Burkina Faso,

• In 1998, Société Générale de Banques was founded in Equatorial Guinea,

• The same year, in 1998, the Société Générale Group acquired Banky Fampandrosoana ny Varotra, which became BFV-Société Générale

• In 1999, the Société Générale Group opened in Algeria a subsidiary of ALD Automotive, one of the leading international players in financing and fleet management through Long Term Rental solutions,

• In April 1999, the Société Générale Group entered the capital of the Banque Tchadienne de Crédit et de Dépôt and created the Societe Generale Bank in Chad,

• In 2002, the Société Générale Group set up in Tunisia by entering the capital of the Union Internationale de Banques (UIB)

• In 2003, Société Générale wes established in Cotonou, Benin

• In 2004, in Ghana, the Société Générale Group acquired majority stake in Social Security Bank Limited which was first named SG-SSB Ltd. and then Société Générale Ghana,

• In 2007, the Société Générale Group set up in Mauritania, leading to the creation of Société Générale Mauritania,

• In 2012, it opened a subsidiary in Brazzaville, Congo.


• Retail Banking • Global Transaction Banking • Financial Services • Corporate and Investment Banking • Private Banking • Asset Management • Securities Services
Financial Highlights of the last three years
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